Group Structure and Management

Group Structure and Management custom essay

Group Structure and Management

Based on your approved group topic and literature review, please complete the following in 1,000

Group goal: Provide a general statement of the desired outcome for group members.

Objectives: List three to five measurable group objectives. This should align with the primary group goal and session activities to effectively evaluate group progress.

Group format: Based on your selected group topic and population, discuss appropriate steps to recruit, screen, and select group members. Describe considerations in the group formation stage, including composition and size, frequency and duration, and open or closed membership.

Ethical practice: Incorporating ASGW and ACA professional standards, describe ethical and legal considerations in group counseling. For example, how do you plan to address voluntary participation and parameters of confidentiality? What is your intent to implement safeguards for group members and facilitators?

Crises and trauma: How will you adapt your group in response to an imagined crisis, disaster, or trauma-causing event? How will you address specific needs that might arise from diverse populations such as those with racial or socioeconomic needs?

Leadership and theoretical perspective: Identify your therapeutic and leadership style. Specify if you plan to apply an integrative approach and techniques that might be appropriate for the selected population.


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