Gorilla’s and Parenting Behaviour

Gorilla’s and Parenting Behaviour

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Non-human primate: Gorilla

Behaviour: Parenting

Research on Gorilla and their parenting behaviour. How, what, why, where, when, who. The more you narrow the topic the better.

Referencing is important. If you could please use Society for American Archaeology format.

All citations must include page numbers and NO footnotes.

Must use only anthropological literature. Majority of sources from journals, two books only and one or more edited books. NO Web sites.

(Good journals to use: American Anthropologist, Animal Behaviour, Behaviour, International journal of primatology, journal of human evolution, National Geographic, Primates, Scientific American).


In text of the research paper you must cite all sources of information in the correct format. Each fact must be followed in parenthesis with the last name of the single author; last name of first and second authors if there are two authors; or last name of first author followed by et al. if there are three or more authors. After the author name(s) put the year of publication, colon, and page number.

No quotes, all paraphrasing of ideas expressed in sources. Make sure page number is included in all sources. Don’t cite from page 1 of articles, due to the abstract.

Do no cite encyclopedias, videos or web sites.

Number the pages of the report on top right hand side of page.


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