Glycogen Phosphorylase inhibitors

Glycogen Phosphorylase inhibitors

Here I want to let you know about some details that I need you to be aware when you do this research paper

  1. Need to be on time.
  2. I need to follow this pattern bellow.
  3. I will include four references and I need to go through that I need to have other references with no less than 6 years 20+ references with accredited journals. I also want to have the references to be with good credit of citations.
  4. Be aware the doctor is using “Turn it in” website to check the plagiarism.
  5. I am going to keep with you to complete the rest of the work as this is only the first part of this research “could you send me the writer name or email? So I can be in touch one writer to be aware of this research”
  6. I hired rubbish website that didn’t the follow the pattern of my research below and they didn’t go through these four references that I have attached. They were given me old paper with different topic and they gave it to me (I think it was made for someone else), so I got my money back. Please I want this research paper as it is made for me not for someone else. Currently I am looking for a website that I could trust to do my paper work.

Chapter 1 introduction (Diabetes)

1.1 Background 2 page

1.2 Statistics 1 page (globally, USA, UK, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

1.3 Current treatment and targets for diabetes 2 page

1.4 Aim of current work 3 pages (talking about Glycogen Phosphorylase inhibitors, I will include 4 journals about this work and please I need to look for other references)

1.5 Objectives 1 page

Chapter 2 Glycogen Phosphorylase

2.1 an introduction to Glycogen Phosphorylase 2 page

2.2 Allosteric Site 2 pages

2.3 Current Allosteric Inhibitors 1 page

2.4 Pentacyclic Triterpenes 1 page