General Education Critical Task Custom Essay

General Education Critical Task Custom Essay

American Eagle looks to Mexico


Your General Education Assignment is a 3-5 page research paper that addresses marketing from a global perspective. Three General Education Learner Outcomes will be assessed in this assignment: 1.) Knowledge; 2.) Critical and Creative Thinking, and 3.) Communication. The assessment rubric for this assignment is included at the end of this assignment for your review. Your completed assignment will be uploaded as a Chalk and Wire ePortfolio item. Chalk and Wire submission directions will be made available before the assignment deadline. Additional instructions regarding this assignment will be provided by your instructor.




The sections of your 3-5 page paper (length EXCLUDES Title, References Pages, and Learning Reflection) are as follows: Introduction, Body, Conclusion, Learning Reflection. Each section should be represented by a BOLD ALL CAP heading followed by double-spaced content below each. In-text APA citations must be used appropriately throughout the paper. Complete APA citations of all sources referenced to complete the paper must be included in the reference section at the end of the paper.

Title Page Contents

Include the following content on your Title Page for this assignment.

• Student’s name, instructor’s name, course name, course reference number, SNHU Major, assignment title and due date.

• Image/visual relating to the project topic. Include a full APA citation for you image/visual in your REFERENCE section.


Include the following content in your Introduction section for this assignment. The objective for this section is to effectively inform the reader, demonstrate a solid level of analysis of relevant secondary resources, and make a persuasive argument regarding the external factors impacting the client.

• Develop 2-3 paragraphs that summarize the key points on American Eagle Outfitters decision to open their first brick and mortar store in Mexico.

• Develop 1-2 paragraphs that describe six (6) key external environmental factors that must be considered when considering a global marketing strategy.

• Develop 1-2 paragraphs that identify two (2) key external environmental factors that indicate Mexico is a strong market for entry by American Eagle Outfitters and other brick and mortar retailers.


Analyze your assigned readings and additional secondary research to compare and contrast domestic and international marketing strategies utilized by the client.

• Develop 1-2 paragraphs that clearly discuss two (2) similarities between American Eagle Outfitter’s domestic (United States of America) marketing strategy and its marketing strategy for their stand-alone stores in Mexico.

• Develop 1-2 paragraphs that clearly discuss two (2) differences between American Eagle Outfitter’s domestic (United States of America) marketing strategy and its marketing strategy for their stand-alone stores in Mexico.

• Use the external factors established in your introduction as the framework for this comparison of American Eagle Outfitter’s domestic and Mexico marketing strategies.



Based on your knowledge of this case, provide a research-based detailed recommendation for the client.

• Based on your research, develop 1-2 paragraphs that outlines and supports a detailed recommendation to American Eagle Outfitter’s marketing team that could help ensure its success in Mexico in 2014 and beyond.


Learning Reflection

Discuss what you have learned from completing this project.

• Develop one (1) paragraph that identifies and discusses the key items you have learned by completing this project. This is the only part of the assignment where you may use the first or second person (i.e. “I” or “you”).


Your completed reference list should include your source information for the title page image, textbook, required readings, and at least three (3) additional relevant sources.

• List all sources cited within your paper using APA guidelines (See Siting Your Sources Research Guide


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