A family study into care during first pregnancy nursing essay

A family study into care during first pregnancy
Ms. J is a 25 year old recruitment assistant experiencing her first pregnancy. This was a planned pregnancy, and she found out that she was expecting 2 weeks before she married the father of her child. She experienced few significant problems through her pregnancy and gave birth to a baby girl via emergency caesarean section after induced labour, at 42 weeks gestation. Her baby weighed 8lb 4oz and is healthy with normal development.

Obstetric History

Present History

LMP: 15th June.

Very irregular periods. No bleeding in early pregnancy.

Began taking oral contraceptive pill at the age of 16 and stopped at 23. Was experiencing unpleasant side effects of the oral contraceptive pill.

Estimated delivery date: 22nd March.

Current gestation: 36 weeks pregnant.

No morning sickness. Suffers from severe hot sweats.

Was feeling very tired; subsequent blood tests uncovered an iron deficiency, for which she is taking supplements.

Low blood pressure but was told this is normal.

Previous Reproductive History

Gravida: 1 Para: 0 Abortus: 0

First pregnancy; No previous miscarriages, stillbirths or terminations.

Family History

History of twins from mother’s side.

Grandfather of 80 yrs recently diagnosed with Type II diabetes; otherwise no family history of diabetes.

No family history of genetic problems, congenital conditions, heart disease, hypertension or pre-eclampsia.

Social History

Ms. J was pleased to find out she was pregnant; it was a planned pregnancy.

Unlimited social support throughout pregnancy from mother, friends and husband.

Lives with husband in three bedroom house.

Recruitment assistant. Maternity leave began 4th Jan.

Husband works in oil and gas industry as an engineer, and can provide for the family.

Stopped drinking alcohol upon falling pregnant, and tried to avoid foods believed to be harmful in pregnancy.

No recreational drugs

Birth to take place in Epsom Hospital. Is open to the option of pain relief but will begin with gas and air only.

Past Medical and Surgical History

Appendectomy in 2005

No history of depression or mental illness.

Medical History

400mcg Folic acid supplements for three months post conception.

Blood test late in pregnancy uncovered an iron deficiency therefore she started taking Iron tablets from the 6th of March.

Was using a steroid cream for acne but discontinued use upon pregnancy.

No other prescribed or over the counter medications or vitamins.

Allergy History

No known allergies.

The Obstetric Abdominal Examination


Tiredness and lower back pain,…………………………………………….

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