Explanation of copyright infringement

Explanation of copyright infringement
In which of the following situations would a court likely hold Melissa liable for copyright infringement?

At the library, Melissa photocopies 10 pages from a scholarly journal relating to a topic on which she is writing a term paper.

Melissa makes leather handbags and sells them in her small leather shop. She advertises her handbags as Vutton handbags. Hoping that customers might mistakenly assume that they were made by Vuitton, the well-known maker of high-quality handbags and luggage.

Melissa owns a video store. She purchases the latest videos from various video manufacturers but buys only one copy of each video. Then, using blank videotapes, she makes copies to rent or sell to her customers.

Melissa teaches Latin American history at a small university. She frequently video tapes television programs relating to Latin America. She then takes the videos to her classroom so that her students can watch them.

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