“Effective Communication”

Week 1

“Effective Communication”Please respond to the following:

In this discussion please identify a workplace communication that you initiated to motivate someone to action or to make a request of that person(s). What persuasive techniques and communication channels did you use? Based on this week’s lesson, how would you initiate that communication differently, if you were to do it again, to improve the outcome? Please apply relevant ideas from this week’s readings and lectures by integrating them into your discussion. Please focus on developing several well-developed and well-composed paragraphs that demonstrate application of learning. Please check the Course Guide for further information on how to post great discussions.

Week 2 | Discussion Question


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“Effective Writing Style” – Please respond to the following…

Role Play Situation: You and your coworker are working on a presentation for your next project progress meeting. You both agreed that you will take the first section of the presentation, your coworker will take the second section, and you will complete the final plan of action together. You have met the schedule and completed your section, but your coworker has not completed his section. You still have not set a meeting time to collaborate on the final piece, and the complete project is due on Friday. You are aware that your colleague has several competing work demands, and as the point person, you know your supervisor will want a status update from you by the end of the day.

Your task: Please compose an email message that you would send to your co-worker to make sure the project is on track or to get it back on track. Please make sure to (1) Post the email message that you would send to your colleagues and (2) Explain, using well-developed and well-supported analysis your thinking in why you composed the email as you did emphasizing your choice of words, tone, focus, etc., ensuring application of your learning from this week by supporting your statements and analysis with your reading from this week.

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Week 3

“Rethinking Emails.” Respond to the following:

First, Select a 4-8 sentence (minimum) professional email you have written and sent to someone. Please make sure to use any necessary de-identifiers and delete any sensitive information. Please post this e-mail at the beginning of your discussion posting. Second, please analyze the email using the principles discussed in our lectures and text. Please make sure to develop analysis and application in your discussion highlighting issues related to the topic, tone, length, structure, and style. Finally, please discuss at least 3 potential changes you would make to the e-mail that will have a significant impact on your professional effectiveness. Please note how these proposed changes are related to your DiSC style.

Week 4

Week 4 | Discussion Question

“Engaging Presentation Design and Guidelines” Please respond to the following…

In Week 5 you will prepare a PowerPoint and paper on a business topic of your choice. This week in our discussion we will focus on how to grab the audience’s attention and how to prepare a great presentation. In the discussion for this week, using great communication skills, you will:

  1. State your presentation topic in a fully developed sentence and then explain why you choose this topic.
  2. Share some ideas, in well-developed paragraph format, on how you will grab the audience’s attention.
  3. Based on the Munter readings, what presentation guidelines will you use and why to create an exciting and relevant presentation?

Week 5

“Presentation Feedback” Please respond to the following…

This week you are actually developing a PowerPoint on a business topic of your choice. This week in our discussion we will focus on preparing a draft and even a final version of the PowerPoint that you will submit as a part of the Week 6 assignment. Please post your PowerPoint, as complete as possible, thinking about ‘look and feel’ as well as the substantive content. Please then review at least 2-3 of your colleagues’ PowerPoints and post appropriate candid feedback on both the strengths and weaknesses of the work. Apply concepts from class readings, videos and other sources (cited appropriately). Take your classmates’ feedback into consideration while finalizing your presentation and feel free to post a revised version of your PowerPoint in the discussion (optional) for additional feedback.

Week 6

In this discussion, reflect on the preparation to deliver your presentation. If you were to deliver your presentation, or are preparing to deliver it in reality, what are your greatest strengths and challenges as a presenter, given the learning this week?

Then, determine the nonverbal delivery skills, listening skills, and relaxation techniques you will apply to deliver a memorable presentation. How will you practice these skills?

If your presentation will be virtual, what ideas from the McNeill article will you incorporate? In the discussion, coach each other regarding techniques to deliver a powerful presentation.

Apply all relevant concepts from this week’s lectures, text and articles, in well-developed and formatted paragraphs

Week 7

From your professional experience, identify an organization with a culture of candor and examine some of the mechanisms or techniques their leadership uses to establish and maintain this culture. Describe some of the challenges they face. How did the culture of candor contribute to the organization’s performance? Alternatively, you may discuss how to create a culture of candor in an organization that would benefit, identifying the anticipated performance improvements.

Apply the readings and lectures this week to support your assessment.

  • Note: If you cannot identify an organization from your professional experience that can be assessed in this discussion, go to the Rittenhouse Corporate Culture and Candor rankings to select an organization to examine. http://rittenhouserankings.com/

Week 8

“Defining Moments” Please respond to the following…

Given the values of your current (or past) employer, discuss how values are made “concrete” by the actions of the organization, leadership, and employees. Critique the values and associated behaviors in terms of impact on the business achieving its mission. To what degree are the two pillars of ethical leadership present?

The intent of the discussion is to share examples of leadership activities that demonstrate and embed the values in the organization, along with the benefits of doing so. Clearly apply concepts from this week’s reading and lectures.

Week 9

In early 2010, Toyota recalled a large number of vehicles for faulty accelerator pedals. On February 2nd, the President of Toyota Motor Sales released a letter to the public regarding the recall. Read Toyota’s initial response regarding the accelerator pedal recall found at:http://pressroom.toyota.com/images/document/ToyotaCustomerLetter.pdf. Note: You may have to paste this url directly into your browser.

The letter resulted in a negative response from a variety of stakeholder groups, including customers, business analysts, government, and media.

1. This discussion includes two tasks:

Evaluate the letter to determine the cause of the negative response from stakeholder groups. Why do you think the letter negatively impacted Toyota’s reputation, market position and value?

As the leader of Toyota, explain your crisis communication strategy for each stakeholder group, applying course materials. A sufficient post will be two to three paragraphs in length.

2. Assuming you are the CEO of Toyota, prepare and post the letter to stakeholders you would issue regarding the pedal recall crisis. A sufficient letter probably will be three paragraphs in length. Paste your letter at the close of your post under the title LETTER.

3.Week 10 | Discussion 1: Your Learning Inventory

“Your Learning Inventory”

Distill your learning from this course into a succinct list. Use the following questions as your guide:

· What have you mastered aboutBusiness Communication?

· What do you now understand but may want to learn more about?

· What questions can you now articulate aboutBusiness Communicationbased on what you have learned in this course?

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