What is the DSM and how does it define “mental disorder”?

Module 1 short essay quiz 1

1. Question : What is the DSM and how does it define “mental disorder”?

What was moral management? What caused its near abandonment in the second part of the nineteenth century?


Describe the retrospective and prospective research designs. What are the benefits and problems of these designs?

Module 2 short essay quiz 2

1. Question : Distinguish between necessary, sufficient, and contributory causes of abnormal behavior.
Question 2. Question : Describe Beck’s cognitive theory and therapy.
Question 3. Question : Discuss the techniques used in psychodynamic therapy. What is the goal of such therapy and how has it changed over time?

Module 3 short essay quiz 3

1. Question : What are psychological factors that are related to good health? Can it be concluded that such factors have a direct effect on health? Explain your response thoroughly
Question 2. Question : How do cognitive factors affect the onset and maintenance of social phobia? Explain and provide 3 specific examples to illustrate your understanding.
Question 3. Question : Discuss the difference between fear and anxiety.
Module 4 short essay quiz 4
1. What factors put males at risk for developing eating disorders?
Question 2. Question : Discuss the factors that complicate the diagnosis of eating disorders.
Question 3. Question : Discuss Beck’s cognitive theory of depression.

Module 5 short essay quiz 5

1. Question : What important aspect of the adoptive family was missing from early studies? What did later studies find when they did include it?
Question 2. Question : Define positive and negative symptoms. Give examples of each.
Question 3. Question : What role does the family environment play in schizophrenia?
Module 6 short essay quiz 6
1. Question : What are the research findings on psychopathy and learning?
Question 2. Question : What evidence is there that genes are involved in Alzheimer’s disease (AD)?
Question 3. Question : Discuss the relationship between oppositional defiant disorder, conduct disorder, juvenile delinquency, and antisocial personality disorder.

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