Discussion Board 4.1

Discussion Board 4.1

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Instructions from Instructor:

Discussion Board format, no title page, running title or separate reference page required (references are required though).

Keep exact quotes to a minimum.

This is more of a relaxed conversation.



Given the almost daily theft of private information should give one pause when outsourcing. Typically, networks consolidate, then begin to break apart, then be consolidated again in a cycle. The problem here is that much of what we take for granted on the WWW and the Internet might be sacrificed with tighter user and data controls.




Since the paper has to be submitted to turnitin.com and must be less than 10% similarity. In an effort to keep this down, please use parenthetical references when sourcing exactly instead of sentence style citing. For instance, please use “The chicken came before the egg” (Smith, 2001) instead of Smith theorizes that the chicken came before the egg (2001), when possible.


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