Discuss the importance of metal

importance of metal

Discuss the importance of metal in the lives of the ancient ancestors. Focus on the move from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age, how did it change the strength of armies and affect agricultural tool making?

2. Discuss the importance of the Hellenistic world and its contribution to art, architecture, philosophy, and music. How does it still influence our world? Use specific examples of how you still see evidence of this key movement in our modern world. .

Module 2 Lecture Notes
After the decline of Mycenaean civilization in roughly 1250 BCE, an era of trouble and turmoil that historians are still unsure the cause of dominated the Mediterranean region for nearly 200 years to roughly 1000 BCE. At that point, it would appear to the world that Greek power and influence was doomed to never rise again, however, after a period known as the Greek Dark Ages where trade nearly ceased and their cultural advancements stopped, they emerged as a power unique in its political structure that fostered some of the greatest art, philosophy, and technology the world has arguably seen since.
Around 800BCE the writing the Greeks lost at the fall of Mycenaean power was rediscovered from the Phoenicians who were energetic seafaring traders from Canaan. They established an alphabetical writing system representative of the language they spoke, similar to the alphabet we continue to use. This allowed poets like Homer to record their epic tales of Greek gods and their struggles with mankind, like that of The Iliad. They also began painting again and emerged as traders of luxuries like gold from Egypt. Out of necessity during the time of tumult across the Mediterranean, eastern metal smiths had searched out new ores to smelt for weapons and agricultural tools. Iron ore was soon discovered to be stronger and more durable. An abundance of iron ore in Greece made this new technology a boon for them and eventually the Iron Age was born, led by the Greeks. This also helped lead them out of the Dark Ages into a new platform of discovery and power.

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