Definition and description of epidemiology

Definition and description of epidemiology Custom Paper

Prepare and submit a 1,750- to 2,100-word paper based on your clinical research of epidemiology. I have chosen the vulnerable population of teenagers and the disease of Human Papillomavirus.

The paper must discuss and include the following:

Discuss the following as related to your chosen topic (Teenagers and Human Papillomavirus (HPV):

  • Definition and description of epidemiology
  • Steps and methods of epidemiology

o Review routine data (demographic, census, birth, death, and surveillance records)

o Review research data (medical and health records)

o Review epidemiological data (surveys specific to your topic)

  • Epidemiological triangle
  • Explain the type of epidemiology used for your topic (descriptive or analytical).
  • Selected population and disease of interest

o Provide an overview of population and disease and identify how characteristics of these selections influence population vulnerability.

o Identify cultural considerations in this selected population and how these considerations may impact health status.

o Identify ethical and legal considerations that must be accounted for when working with the selected population.

  • Describe the relationship of the disease to various levels of prevention (primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention within the community setting).

o Feasibility of prevention

o Evaluation of prevention

Must include 8 sources/references (peer-reviewed and reputable government websites, no Wikipedia)



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