Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility Custom Essay

Corporate Responsibility

“In 2005, The Economist published a series of articles castigating corporate responsibility and the folly of managers who thought it would benefit their companies. Corporate responsibility conscious managers were accused of taking their eye off of shareholder interests. Accusations were made that corporate responsibility and bad governance went hand in hand. In an accompanying survey, the Economist Intelligence Unit found only 36 per cent of managers felt corporate responsibility was a priority”, (Blowfield and Murray, 2011, p.4)


Required: Managers believe that the corporate responsibilities to the shareholders are the most important of the CSR responsibilities. Social and environmental responsibilities are

much more important because they relate to core stakeholders for the company. Critically evaluate this statement.

Requirements on answering the question

1.In preparing your answer, you should utilise current news stories, relevant, books, corporate sustainability reports and documents that have led to – and outline – extant CSR phenomena and academic articles that address the key corporate responsibilities.

2.the critical thinking demonstrated, the logic and persuasiveness of the argument and the clarity of exposition.

3.summarise accurately and succinctly relevant arguments from the sources that you read;

4.construct a consistent argument that addresses the question and to organize that argument into a logical order that the reader is able to follow easily


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