Competition and Regulation economics Custom Essay

Competition and Regulation economics Custom Essay

  1. Select 2 quality newspaper articles on a competition and regulation economics topic of your choice. Provide an introduction to the articles, setting out the theme of the articles and an overview of the topic in the regulatory economics literature. Then present each article immediately followed by an analysis of the article. Do not re-describe the article. Rather, discuss how the article fits with, advances or disputes existing relevant literature.
  2. You are expected to consult and reference academic articles and texts beyond those listed in this module handbook. The word limit is 2,000 words (not including contents page, footnotes, bibliography or appendices). Hence, expect to write approximately 1,000 words in your Introduction, and 500 words commenting on each article. You do not need a Conclusions section but you must provide a list of References.
  3. In addition, you are expected to include an Appendix containing a further 5 newspaper articles. These should provide evidence of your reading throughout the module. The articles do not need to be on the same topic as your project, but should be relevant to the topics covered in competition and regulation part.
  4. Examples of newspapers that may be appropriate include The Economist; The Financial Times; The Times; The Guardian; The Independent; The Telegraph; The Observer; The New York Times. Tabloid newspapers are not acceptable.


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