civil tort actions

civil tort actions
You are invited to attend a meeting with the firm partners and staff working on the call center contract situation. You are told at the beginning of the meeting that relations between your firm (Snow & Snow) and a client have broken down. First, your law firm has learned that the client has been intercepting your firm’s mail and reading it. Snow & Snow sent a representative to the client to ask why this was occurring; the client’s personnel chased the representative away while threateningly swinging brooms and hammers. Now, the client has begun running advertisements with pictures of one of the law firm’s partners, Arnold Strong, without his permission. Mr. Strong is a former action movie star who still commands top dollar for his endorsements of products.

Your committee has been tasked with the job of preparing a PowerPoint presentation for Mr. Strong.

Specifically, Mr. Strong wants to know the following:

Is there basis for any civil tort actions that can be brought against the client?
Can the representative who was chased out of the client facility bring any type of tort action?
Can Mr. Strong personally bring any type of tort action against the client on his own behalf?

Also include some relevant case law to utilize in the presentation.