Chaos and Complexity Theory in Health Care

Chaos and Complexity Theory in Health Care

Week 2 Organizational Behavior and Change Theory
Resources Media

Course Media:Leadership Competencies in Nursing and Healthcare

  • “Implementing Organizational Change,” featuring Dr. Brenda Freshman, Dr. Cecelia K. Wooden, Kevin F. Smith, Maria Manna, Dr. Karen Drenkard, and Dr. Leslie Mancuso

Required Readings

Course Text:Effective Leadership and Management in Nursing(8th ed.)

  • Chapter 2, “Designing Organizations”
  • Chapter 5, “Initiating and Managing Change”

Course Text:Nursing: Scope & Standards of PracticeRetrieved from

Course Text:Guide to the Code of Ethics for Nurses: Interpretation and ApplicationRetrieved from

  • Holden, L. M. (2005). Complex adaptive systems: Concept analysis.Journal of Advanced Nursing, 52, 651–657.

Optional Resources are listed in the Week 2 Learning Resources.

Threaded Discussion Chaos and Complexity Theory in Health Care

Based on this week’s readings and what has been presented on organizational theory, respond to the following:

  • Do chaos theory and complexity theory have any place in health care systems? Why or why not?

Support your response with references from the professional nursing literature.

Post your response byDay 3of this week. Respond byDay 7to at leasttwocolleagues’ postings. See the Week 2 Discussion area for details.

Application Assignment  

Based on the theories of organizational and change management presented in the text and this week’s readings, analyze a change that has happened at your place of employment, including how effectively this change was handled. Write a 2–3 page paper addressing how well the change process worked. As a nurse leader, what would you have done differently to make the change more effective?

Due byDay 7ofWeek 3. See the Week 2 Application area for complete instructions.

Virtual Practicum Team Discussion Practicum Activities:Apply Change Theory to the Proposed Change

In week one, you formulated some initial ideas about a Leadership Change Project. You discussed possible change projects with your manager.

This week has presented information on change, change management, and how an organization’s mission, vision, and values are reflected in its strategic plan. Using the information presented in the resources, complete the following two activities with the guidance of your instructor.

Your instructor has assigned you to apply change theory to the proposed change. Check for consistency between the proposed change and the mission/vision/values/strategic plan for the agency. Read more about change theory in your textbook.

Please address the following:

  • Which theory will you use as a framework for your change project and why?
  • Is there consistency between the proposed change and the mission, vision, and values of the agency?
    • If so, describe.
    • If not, how will you address the inconsistencies?

Post your response to this Discussion byDay 5. Respond to at least two colleagues’ postings by Day  7