Business Ethics

Business Ethics

Business Ethics Paper.. 12-15 PAGES

Overview of Research Project Read and watch the news until you find a business that is currently facing an ethical issue – one that has not yet been resolved. You must choose a United States owned, for-profit business, either facing an ethical dilemma or in the midst of a crisis related to an ethical issue. You can write the paper from the perspective of the business actually facing the current issue or crisis or another business within the industry that could potentially be faced with a similar situation now or in the near future.

Make sure the issue hasn’t been resolved yet, and public decisions have not been made. The issue must be related to a topic covered in the textbook (look at the table of contents for ideas). You will then write your assignment from the perspective of the General Manager or CEO as he/she reviews the issues and determine a course of action for the company. You will research the issue and the company so you can provide data and logical rationale for the course of action you plan to take. You’ll need to follow your issue in the news as the term progresses and take into consideration any progress that company has made along the way to resolve the issue.

Choose a topic that is of interest to you so it’s interesting to research. I am more interested in the quality and comprehensiveness than the actual length of these assignments. Essentially you will be writing a research paper that is broken up into four sections. The paper should be approximately 12-15 pages in length, double-spaced, 12 font, not including your stakeholder table and bibliography, and will be graded using the sustainability rubric attached.


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