BUG & the types of damages

BUG & the types of damages
BUG, Inc., a company based in the United States., designs, manufactures, and sells electronic recording devices. These devices are used by law enforcement agencies to intercept and record sounds and voices. The equipment taps into telephone wires, cell phone transmissions, and picks up sounds and voices through the walls of a house or in open-air locations through the use of a remote microphone. Part of the equipment is driven by software written by BUG employees. BUG has exclusive contracts with most state and federal law enforcement agencies throughout the United States. BUG is thinking about expanding its sales to international markets. Currently, half of its manufacturing plants are in foreign countries and half are in the U.S. The company’s logo is a ladybug wearing a set of headphones.

Sally DoGood, a police officer in Shady Town, was sitting in a police van monitoring wiretaps with an older monitor purchased from BUG. The monitor short-circuited injuring Sally. An insulator that could have prevented the possibility of shorts was not included in the original design because it increased production costs. The newer models have the insulator installed.

Identify the tort(s) Sally may pursue against BUG and the different types of damages she can request.

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