Analysis & Evaluation Paper of a Shakespeare play

Analysis & Evaluation Paper of a Shakespeare play

For this assignment, your thesis should focus on one method of analysis based on one of the text readings. For example, you can choose to write a paper that analyzes any one of the following: theme, conflict, plot, character, irony, plot, setting, structure, tragedy, comedy, etc. Your paper must be dedicated to one type of analysis only. For example, focus on one theme, one major conflict, or one character in only one story; however, you may discuss any aspect of a story to illuminate your thesis. ALSO, YOU MUST USE BASIC THEORY TERMINOLOGY IN YOUR PAPERS (ROUND, FLAT, STATIC, DYNAMIC, INTERNAL/EXTERNAL CONFLICT ETC).
This paper must include both analysis and evaluation (interpretation).
Analysis: you must show your ability to break down a story into its constituents parts and discuss them intelligently.
Evaluation/Interpretation: means that you should come to your own conclusions (interpretation) of your topic based on your analysis.
The paper should be approximately 500-600 words.

– I would suggest to pick one theme and talk about it. It is much easier.
– The readings you can choose from our: Pick only ONE reading from the below choices:
– Romeo and Juliet
– Macbeth
– Henry V
-King Lear

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