_ allows expert system rules to

_ allows expert system rules to be represented using approximations

________ allows expert system rules to be represented using approximations or subjective values in order to handle situations where information about a problem is incomplete.
Answer Normalization
Fuzzy logic
What-if analysis

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Question 12

BelAir Tech has developed and run its own information system for the past ten years. However, the company has now decided to outsource its IS function to a service provider. Which of the following, if true, will strengthen BelAir’s decision?
Answer Most BelAir employees are familiar with the current information system.
BelAir’s IS team developed the existing system from scratch and has ironed out most faults over the years.
The service provider is highly recommended by its other clients.
BelAir has seen a fall in company revenue over the last year.
Outsourcing its IS function did not benefit BelAir’s competitor, Amis Systems.

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Question 13

Social network analysis is a technique that attempts to ________.
Answer analyze why a key indicator is not at an appropriate level or why an exception occurred
allow hypothetical changes to the data associated with a problem to observe how these changes influence the results
discover “hidden” predictive relationships in the data
analyze large data warehouses to detect changes deemed important by a user
find experts in particular subject areas

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Question 14

BelAir Tech is conducting a cost-benefit analysis for its IS department. In this, the salary of an employee is an example of a(n) ________.
Answer tangible and recurring cost
recurring and non-recurring cost
tangible and non-recurring cost
intangible and recurring cost
intangible and tangible cost

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Question 15

Which of the following statements is true about an operational system?
Answer It consists of historical or point-in-time data.
It consists of narrow and simple updates and queries.
Its goal is to enhance ease of access and use.
Its primary purpose is to support managerial decision making.
It is primarily used by managers.

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Question 16

Once the data model is created, the format of the data is documented in a(n) ________.
Answer expert system
data mart
data type
data warehouse
data dictionary

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Question 17

Which of the following statements best describes the productivity paradox for technology investment?
Answer While it is easy to identify and quantify the intangible benefits of an information system, it is not easy to quantify the tangible benefits.
The productivity of an information system is in no way related to the investment in the technology.
As investment in technology increases, productivity decreases steadily.
The productivity of any technology is directly proportional to the investment in that technology.
While it is easy to quantify the costs associated with developing an information system, it is often difficult to quantify tangible productivity gains from its use.

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Question 18

BelAir has submitted a request for proposal to a number of vendors. It must now evaluate the proposals it has received. Which of the following methods can it use to compare the different systems?
Answer alpha testing
systems benchmarking
beta testing
data modeling

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Question 19

The phenomenon of cutting out the “middleman” and reaching customers more directly and efficiently is known as ________.
Answer demutualization

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Question 20

Whenever an order is placed with online retailers, the retailers put together the order, ship it, and charge the customer’s credit card. This process of selling a product or service is known as the ________ process.
Answer make-to-stock

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Question 21

The hardware and software that must be implemented to support the applications that the primary activities use are a part of the ________ activities.
Answer technology development
inbound logistics
human resources

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Question 22

Under the ________ pricing model, the firm running the advertisement pays only when a Web surfer actually clicks on the advertisement.
Answer pay-per-conversion

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Question 23

Which of the following is an example of supply chain efficiency?
Answer Caterpillar has high spare parts availability.
Apple sources its raw materials in a way to keep costs low.
Rolex positions itself as a prestige brand.
Federal Express focuses on providing superior service.
Dr. Pepper introduces a new flavor of soft drink.

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Question 24

A collection of companies and processes are involved in moving a product from the suppliers of raw materials, to the suppliers of intermediate components, to final production, and ultimately, to the customer; these companies are collectively referred to as ________.
Answer market entry
product lifecycle
customer management
supply chain
enterprise resource management

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Question 25

Administrative activities focus on the ________.
Answer processes and decision making to orchestrate the day-to-day operations of an organization
design and development of applications that support the primary business activities
business activities associated with employee management
purchasing of goods and services that are required as inputs for the primary activities
hardware and software that must be implemented to support the applications that the primary activities use

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Question 26

Which of the following statements is true about Web 1.0?
Answer It helps connect ideas and people.
It helps users share information.
It helps users find information.
Users receive and give recommendations to friends.
Users rule these applications.

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