Watchmen, History in The 1980’s

Watchmen, History in The 1980’s

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Choose ONE of the following topics for your examination of the graphic novel Watchmen. Your examination will be presented to the class in the form of a Powerpoint. Please do not use Prezi or Google docs unless you are able to make presentations in these forms copyable and/or downloadable so that you may post your presentation on the Blackboard. (I do not want a link to the assignment: I want the actual assignment.) Your presentation should have a minimum of 10 slides, with a maximum of 15 slides. You will be arguing a point about your topic, so you must do further research on your topic, beyond any information presented in class.


You must prepare a Works Cited page in proper MLA format, separate from the presentation, to be turned in to me on the day of your presentation. You must have at least 5 sources on your Works Cited page, one of which will be Watchmen since you will also need a minimum of 3 quotes from the graphic novel. You will also need at least 8 quotes, a minimum of 2 quotes from each of your 4 sources. All quotes should appear on presentation slides. Please use proper capitalization, spelling, and punctuation. Please do not use pictures from the movie or other Watchmen graphic stories.


Watchmen in The 80’s


The Requirements:

1-            The prompt is about Watchmen, History in the 1980’s.

2-            Do not use Google Documents.

3-            Presentation minimum 10 to 12 slides.

4-            Arguing points about the topic.

5-            Preparer a Works Cited list in a proper MLA format, and must be separated from the presentation.

6-            The quotes should be mentioned in the slides but cited in a works cited list.

7-            You should have at least five sources on the work cite list.

8-            The first source must be taken from the Watchmen comic book by (Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons), and it has to have at least three quotes.

9-            The other four sources must be taken from the Grossmont or public library. In each source has to have two quotes, and that is the total of eight quotes.

10-          All quotes should be appear on the presentation sides.

11-          Each slide has to provide one picture, from the novel (Not from The Watchmen graphic stories), but from the actual book (Watchmen By Alan Moore, and Dave Gibbons).

12-          ALL sources must be SCHOLARLY (THEY CAN BE BOOKS AND ARTICLES.) and MUST BE OBTAINED BY DOING YOUR RESEARCH THROUGH THE LRC.  NO GOOGLED SOURCES WILL BE ACCEPTABLE.  No encyclopedias (including Wikipedia) and dictionaries count as sources; however, if you quote from them, you must cite and have a works cited entry.