61. Statements that define fundamental values

61. Statements that define fundamental values and reference organizational responsibilities, products and employees are often called ____.

a. principle-based
b. policy-based
c. ethically-based
d. codified
e. codes of organizational integrity

62. An example of an ethical structure is

a. chief ethics officer.
b. a formal statement of company values.
c. an equal opportunity policy.
d. whistle-blowing.
e. corporate speech.

63. When an official is given the responsibility of overseeing all aspects of ethics and legal compliance. S/he is referred to as

a. a whistle-blower.
b. a chief ethics officer.
c. vice-president of human resource management.
d. a yes-man.
e. a political play.


64. Which of these is the disclosure by an employee of an illegal activity?

a. Tattling
b. Whistle-blowing
c. Organizational communication
d. The filing of a disclosure statement
e. Snooping

65. ____ is not part of the structures and systems pillar of an ethical organization.

a. Corporate culture
b. Code of ethics
c. Ethics committee
d. Whistle-blowing mechanisms
e. Rewarding ethical behavior

66. The relationship between social responsibility and financial performance has been shown to be ____.

a. non-existent
b. positive
c. negative
d. not important
e. a reflection of top leadership

67. Anne Chinoda, top executive at Florida Blood Centers, is under pressure to resign because she took a $71,000 pay increase just months before she laid off 42 employees. Chinoda’s decision lies in the

a. domain of codified law.
b. domain of free choice.
c. domain of ethics.
d. domain of social responsibility.
e. none of these.

68. A recent poll found that ________ percent of people surveyed say corporate America’s moral compass is pointing in the wrong direction.

a. 10
b. 29
c. 52
d. 76
e. 98

69. When the USS Indianapolis sank after being torpedoed, one Navy pilot disobeyed orders and risked his life to save men who were being picked off by land sharks. The Navy pilot was operating from the ________ level of moral development.

a. preconventional
b. conventional
c. postconventional
d. lowest
e. conservative

70. The profit-maximizing view of economic responsibility is advocated by ________.

a. Milton Friedman
b. Arthur Anderson
c. Donald Trump
d. Warren Buffett
e. Steve Jobs

71. Of the following, which may whistle-blowers suffer?

a. Job loss
b. Ostracism by coworkers
c. Transfer to lower-level position
d. Hostile work environment
e. All of the above

72. Examples of unethical behavior toward ________ include a hostile work environment and violations of health and safety rules.

a. customers
b. financiers
c. society
d. suppliers
e. employees


Scenario – Larry Campbell

The pressure was on again. Larry Campbell, the Vice President at ToolTime Hardware, Inc., was receiving requests from men and women inside the firm and outside the firm, asking him to review the company’s promotion policies. Of the 52 middle and high level executives, only three were women. The pressure was to review the policies that had led to this perceived imbalance and, if appropriate, take the steps necessary for correction.

1. The decision to recruit, hire, train and promote both men and women equally is based on the ethical approach of

a. utilitarian approach.
b. individualism approach.
c. moral rights approach.
d. all of these provide the basis.
e. none of these.

2. Using the justice approach for ethical decision-making, the logic of promoting qualified men and women would be supported by

a. equal rights justice.
b. distributive justice.
c. procedural justice.
d. compensatory justice.
e. all of these.

3. A(n) _______ would outline the procedures Larry should use in this and other ethical situations.

a. principle-based statement
b. code of ethics
c. corporate credo
d. policy-based statement
e. ethics committee

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