1. List the seven major areas of human resources


1. List the seven major areas of human resources

2. What is the difference between turnover and absenteeism?

3. Define SWOT analysis, what does SWOT stand for?

4. Name four of the major HR responsibilities of Line Management.

5. Define strategic planning

6. Define KSA and O. What does each one stand for?


7. Sun Tzu, viewed by many military historians and contemporary business students as the developer of “the strategy bible,” has principles that can be divided into two components. Describe the two components and how they relate to organizations.


8. Define organizational culture


9. What is the HRIS/Human Resource Information System?


10. Identify the nine major external environmental influences that affect HRM as per the textbook


11. What does BFOQ stand for what does it mean?


12. Define Organizational Structure.


13. Define disparate impact


14. What does title VII of the 1964 civil rights act prohibit? Be specific.


15. What does the Equal Pay act of 1963 require?




17. What are the three significant responsibilities of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission?

18. What is the difference between job sharing and work sharing?

19. What are organic job designs like?

20. Sexual harassment is defined by the EEOC as?

21. What are the three types of internal recruiting methods? Define them.

22. What is the Quantitative Forecasting Method for forecasting labor demand
and what are the three most common quantitative methods?

23. What is the difference between a skills test and a cognitive abilities test?



24. What is a realistic job preview? Please provide an example (preferably from personal experience).


25. What do the Uniform Guidelines do in relation to employment testing?

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